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Hello! 👋

I'm FxllenCode, just your average 14-year-old programmer with too much time on my hands! I've been a developer for 4 years now. I started out learning HTML and CSS, (which I still use today!) then moved on to other languages, such as JS and Lua. I am a proud Roblox Developer and Veteran. I've been on the platform for almost 7 years and can't imagine my life without it. I now enjoying making cool projects on the platform, from better verisons of the Status website to anything related with HttpService.


Q: How did you learn programming?
A: For Roblox, I taught myself on the developer hub. I would start at the onboarding expirence.

Q: Do you suggest developing on Roblox?
A: Yes! It's been a great expirence learning to develop on Roblox. I have learned to use many tools that are used in the real-world, such as Git/GitHub and Firebase. It's not too hard to learn and can be very profitable. Some top games make 10s of millions of USD a year!

Q: Do you like music?
A: I am a huge K-Pop fan! Some of my favorite groups include BTS, NCT, Stray Kids, TXT, MCND, and more! I have a playlist that I often play while working, you can check it out here!

Q: Do you have any other hobbies?
A: Yes! I actually like photography, especially about planes. I enjoy taking these pictures of the city and the airport because, why not!

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My Work!

This Website!

I built this website by myself, using mdbootstrap, animate.css, typer.js, and a bunch of other cool modules! I've open-sourced it all if you want to learn from it! :) Please do not claim it as your own however. Enjoy, and sorry for my terrible code!


Status+ is an automated altnerative to Roblox's status site. While Roblox does have a status site, it is infamous for being slow, manually updated, and does not cover many different areas. Status+ is here to change that. Status+ has a discord, a website, and an API that you can use, including a Roblox module known as downtime service. Check us out today! Our alert channel is seen by an estimated 14k users of Discord!

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Roblox Open-Source

Roblox Open-Source is a project of mine with different open-source projects that you can use to help you learn, and to help develop your game with it. I consantly update the GitHub project with any new ones I may have made. Please feel free to submit issues or PR's on these as well, I would love to help you begin your Roblox Dev journey!


DowntimeService is the second part of Status+. DowntimeService is a Roblox module used for checking if critical API endpoints are up, down, or degraded. The module returns the status which allows to developer to implement a custom solution; it's a DIY! This can be really helpful if your game relies on certain services such as Avatar API or Datastore API.

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AutoMod is an Machine-Learning based moderation bot for your Discord servers, intended to relieve stress off of your moderation team. It enlists members of the community to help sort all bad posts into one area, by automatically flagging a post if it deems it harmful. If enough members of the community agree with that flag, it sends it to a priavte channel for the moderation team. It can also delete the messages if it's a high enough chance of being harmful.

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White-Hat Hacking

Something I enjoy doing in my free time is doing a little bit of white-hat (ethical) hacking, mostly at Roblox. This is different than exploiting, I look for security issues in critical Roblox system that could be abused by a user with bad intentions, report it, and make a bit of money off it! You can see my HackerOne profile below.


Contact me!

For Most Inquiries: [email protected]
For Press Inquiries ONLY: [email protected]